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Genius, engineer, scientist, CEO of Stark Industries and Director of SHIELD. Sometimes I am Iron Man too, but I shouldn't tell anyone.

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«You can barely look at yourself in the mirror, can you, Tony? You’re rich now. Independent. I have a feeling you do good works, when you can. But it’s not enough. You have intellect and power, but it’s not enough.
It’s like there is a dam across your life.»

What about some coffe? (@sunshine/maya)

Tony left the laptop, after agreeing to meet with Maya and went to put on some clothes. When he was done -so after he had put on a pair of jeans and a green hulk t-shirt- he got out and started walking down the way, looking around for a Starbucks. It took him three minutes exactly to get to one and he entered it immediately. He ordered more than two doughnuts, getting nearly all of them different so Maya could pick the one she liked the most and then sat on one of the tables.

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    Tony bowed a little and waved back. "Yes, see you, Sunshine." he answered and then turned his back on the door to go and...
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    Maya opened the door and turned back to him “You too, Stark. See you when I see you.” She said, waving slightly at him...